BitMEX signals and Bitcoin Calls made easy with our proprietary Early Warning Trade System

ChartVampire Technical Analysis on BitMEX in the VIP members trading room consistently show that the best BitMEX signals and trading calls are returning profits!

Now with the newly introduced Early Warning System we can provide signals determined by large BTC movements, possible pumps and dumps, strategies to capitalize on them with short or long trading suggestions.

ChartVampire Bitcoin signals with Early Warning System analyzing potential pumps, dumps and large BTC movements.

Everyday ChartVampire streams live on YouTube 24/7, with private secret sessions for members.  As well as the live trading room on Discord with Technical Analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Alts, giving BitMEX signals calls with targets.

Ethereum realised profit ROE from Bitmex Signal ChartVampire trading group calls

Here’s a screenshot of one member’s trading profits from our Ethereum call also.  The best Bitmex signals to complement a trading community that teaches you how to trade on Bitmex, chart on TradingView and manage risk. 400% ROE from this Ethereum Bitmex signal!

More of the best Bitmex signals from ChartVampire with huge profits from our Bitcoin members trading room

Yet another huge profit ROE on this Bitcoin Trade, taken from ChartVampire Bitmex Signal and chart analysis.

Find out what the ChartVampire members are provided with in the VIP trading group.  As well as the BEAST TradingView indicator (for cryptocurrency and FOREX signals), there is also the Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Bitmex Signals, trading calls, live Bitcoin trading, and more! Dedicated FOREX TRADING ROOM, EA expert advisors for MT5 / MT4, TradingView, economic news and price movement analysis.

Our aim is to make you a better, more disciplined trader, so advice, learning material and live coaching sessions are recommended so that you can develop and enhance your trading strategy to ensure long term success and profitability.

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