Live Bitcoin Signals Trading Room

As a member of the Flux Trading Group in ChartVampire’s Discord members trading room, you will see all the BitMEX Bitcoin signals and calls live. This has proven to be one of the most reliable Bitcoin trading groups over time, with real live signals.

You’ll not just receive access to the ChartVampire charts, but also the suggested trading entries, exits and steps to protect your capital. The Flux Trading Group is all about helping all Crypto Traders, beginners or experienced, to trade Bitcoin and other coins successfully and be sustainable.

Need some proof of the best BitMEX signals and Bitcoin trading calls from the Flux Trading Group? Here’s just a few examples, including real live trades, the prior signals and the results.

Don’t forget, ChartVampire is joined by DarthCrypto, Chonis and other expert Crypto analysts, that also include trading ideas for Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and other significant cryptocurrencies.

Proof of the Best Bitcoin BitMEX signals and calls

Flux Trading Group Discord Bitcoin Discord trading room showing real ChartVampire BitMEX signals
Flux Trading Group Discord Bitcoin trading room showing real ChartVampire BitMEX signals

Join the Flux Trading Group

Joining the Flux Trading Group gives you all the benefits listed on the VIP members page, plus all upcoming improvements for the duration of your membership. So come along and join ChartVampire, DarthCrypto, Chonis and all of our other great experienced Cryto traders.


Find out how and when to trade Bitcoin, get the best BitMEX signals, the Bitcoin Scalper Bot and Technical Analysis for all the major cryptocurrencies. Plus there are the member’s charts and ideas, Flux University for training and education and specialized tools and resources.

Go ahead, find out more!

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