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BECOME A BETTER TRADER In this Technical Analysis driven community, the ChartVampire Flux Trading Group Members receive access to one of the longest running and most successful trading groups. Staffed by a number of top professional trading associates and analysts. Lead by ChartVampire, Big Chonis, Darth Crypto, Cryptomist.

Our team also comprises programmers and statisticians developing the highest ranking trading indicators, expert advisors (MT5/MT4/ TradingView), and hand picked signals.

Pay for 2 months, get access for over 6 months! (offer ends in two weeks)

This includes Free membership days until the beginning of the first day of the next month. For example, if you join Flux Trading Group on the 13th of the month, you will get access within 48 hours however your first paid month starts on the first day of the next month! You’ll then have access for a further 5 months after that. Over 6 months access all for the cost of 2 months.


  • Over 6 month access to the Flux Trading Group community (Discord Group with all content channels, Early Warning Bitcoin Scalper Bot System for major market movements, pumps and dumps, indicators instructions and live trading chat)
  • ChartVampire’s LIVE Trading Room with technical analysis and trading calls (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Tron, Alts). Learn where entries and exits are planned, and why.
  • Resident experts Darth Crypto, Big Chonis, Cryptomist, special guests.
  • Risk management, portfolio management and diversification focus in your trading strategy.
  • Forex FX trading signals, analysis and news alert filters
  • Recorded videos and lessons
  • LIVE Trading streams, voice sessions, 24/7 ChartVampire Members only Youtube channel, Secret Sessions
  • 1on1 Q&A with ChartVampire and senior trading team based worldwide.
  • TradingView indicators tweaked for cryptocurrency and FOREX
  • FOREX copy trading signals available in range of portfolio sizes, risk and diversification.
  • The Early Warning System which signals large pending movements in Bitcoin and other Altcoins, analysis to short, long, hold.
  • Access to member only TradingView indicators and optimizations.
  • Priority future access to upgraded and tweaked indicators that are currently being developed.
  • FOREX channel with dedicated traders and analysis, trading ideas and signals , EA expert advisers.
  • Personalised setup and Trading Ramp-up session with ChartVampire
  • Members community analysis, tools, trading calls

How to join the Flux Trading Group?

6 month access ( for the cost of 2 months ) : 0.025 BTC

(reduced from 0.09)

Use QR code or BTC address below.


Fill in and send the form below with your transaction Id to be added to the membership area.


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Bitcoin Bitmex Early Warning Bot System for ChartVampire Flux Trading Group Members. Detects Bitcoin movements, pumps, dumps, trading signals and suggested calls.

Flux Trading Group early warning BitMEX Bot for scalping
Bitcoin Bitmex Early Warning System for ChartVampire Members. Detects Bitcoin movements, pumps, dumps, trading signals and suggested calls.
Flux Trading Group Bitmex Bitcoin bot for trading calls and signals by ChartVampire and trading associates.
Early Warning signals for Bitcoin short or long calls in the ChartVampire trading group.

See ChartVampire’s live trading positions on Bitmex for Bitcoin and Altcoins. Not just trading signals and calls, but the real account in action. Live trading room and chat, with special members only YouTube live streams and Discord channel chat.

Transparent live trading of Bitcoin on Bitmex showing ChartVampire positions, and trading ideas.

ChartVampire VIP Flux Trading Group Members – Bitmex Signals & Calls, Technical Analysis, Testimonials, Discord group.

BTC Bitcoin Trading signal bot on live Discord channel. Get instant alerts for your suggested Bitmex trades. Early Warning System, just like a cyclone alert 🚨

BTC Bitcoin Trading signal bot on live Discord channel. Get instant alerts for your suggested Bitmex trades.

Full breakdown and discussion of Bitcoin and relevant alts to give you the best analysis of trading conditions and signals.

Bitcoin technical analysis trading calls and signals from Chart Vampire

ChartVampire member testimonial best signals group
ChartVampire private VIP members trading room for Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Ripple, Tron, Cardano, FOREX
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FOREX TradingView indicators for short and long signals available to ChartVampire members - free FOREX trading room access