Become a better Trader

Learn how the Pros trade and become a better trader using Technical Analysis, education, trading signals, live BitMex trading streams, scalping sessions and all the trading ideas from the Flux Trading Group.

The Flux Trading Group difference

Join the group on our own Discord server for expert market analysis, education, real live charts and our exclusive Bitcoin Signals Scalper Bot.

Members receive 24/7 information and ideas from the group leaders; ChartVampire, DarthCrypto, Big Chonis, special guests, and of course the whole Flux Trading Group Discord VIP members.

Nevers miss out on the most profitable Bitmex signals and trading calls again, with our Twitter feeds, news feeds, Bitcoin Scalper Bot, short term trades, long term trades, extensive charts detailing trades, and all the other benefits you can see on the VIP members page.

Additionally  to all crypto majors, we provide exclusive Forex trading analysis and trading ideas.

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